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I’m on a mission to go paperless

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I’m on a mission to stop using pen and paper and embrace going paperless. This is mainly because I chew pens and then start eating them too. Not good for me or my teeth. I also hate have scraps of paper on my desk, which I then lose.
Anyway I seam to find that most of the time I can cope with this. I’ll take my iPhone or laptop into meetings and record notes in Evernote. I use TFS to manage my tasks along side outlook to flag up email which needs my attention but not now.

This has all been going so well up until the point i got too much work to cope. I then reverted back to pen and paper. I started asking myself why. Why do I need this? The only thing that come to my mind was that it made me feel more organised. A simple text file on my desktop does the same thing and doesn’t involve me having dozens of scraps of paper on my desk.

I have to admit that it takes a bit of work to stop using pen and paper.
I find not having a pen on my desk really helps this. That way when i start looking for a pen I know I need to stop and use something else.

More on this subject to come.

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August 2, 2011 at 8:05 am

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